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Airmail is a versatile email client designed for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple Watch, offering a seamless and customizable email management experience across the Apple ecosystem. With its focus on efficiency and integration, Airmail provides extensive customizations, custom actions, and deep integration with a wide array of apps and services. The application supports features like scheduling emails to be sent later, managing emails in bulk, and utilizing email templates for quick responses. Its unmatched customization allows users to tailor the app's appearance and functionality to fit their unique needs, including dark mode, interactive notifications, and custom swipe actions​​.

Airmail's commitment to productivity extends to the iPadOS and macOS, offering features like external keyboard support, Touch Bar support, and powerful sorts and filters. For macOS users, it includes additional functionalities like rules for email handling, AppleScript support for automation, and plugins for enhanced security through S/MIME or GPG encryption. Airmail for Business emphasizes privacy and local data storage, ensuring corporate data remains secure​​​​.

Airmail details


  • Airmail offers a Pro subscription with a monthly option at $9.99 and an annual option at $29.99. The subscription provides access to advanced features such as new smart inbox, customizable layouts, and custom actions across all iOS devices using the same Apple ID. Airmail for Mac is free for users subscribed to Airmail Pro for iOS or those who purchased Airmail 3 after January 1st, 2019. A trial version with limited capabilities is available for new users​​.