Focus Noodles-Study Timer
Where focus meets productivity in a delightful bowl of noodles!

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Focus Noodles-Study Timer is a creative and engaging app designed to combat phone addiction and enhance productivity through focus. By encouraging users to place their phones screen down to start a timer, it creatively simulates cooking a perfect bowl of noodles. Distractions are deterred through vibrations, flashes, and noises if the phone is touched during a focus session. Completing a session rewards users with a "mind-expanding" fairytale card, aiming to relieve tension and prepare for subsequent focus periods. With its quirky theme, Focus Noodles not only aims to make productivity sessions more enjoyable but also joins humor with the serious task of regaining our most valuable resource: time. Celebrated as an Apple Design Awards 2022 Finalist and featured as "Best of March 2020" in China, this app stands out for its innovative approach to productivity​.

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  • $3.99, with in-app purchases.