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HEY Calendar is an innovative approach to personal and professional time management, integrated with the HEY Email service. Distinctive for its user-centric design, HEY Calendar moves beyond the traditional boxy grid layout, offering a timeline-based day view that mimics a filmstrip, reflecting the continuous flow of life. This unique design encourages users to visualize their schedule more naturally, aligning with the way people actually think about time — in days and weeks rather than in months. The calendar allows for habit and time tracking, emphasizes the importance of "maybe" events, and enables users to fill their days with not just events but memories, highlights, and photos, thus fostering a richer, more personalized planning experience. HEY Calendar also includes features such as long freetime highlights, multi-timezone support, color-coded sub-calendars, and the ability to import from and share calendars with other HEY users, making it a comprehensive tool for modern scheduling needs​​​​​​.

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  • The HEY Calendar has been integrated into the HEY Email service without any additional cost, aligning with HEY's mission to provide a comprehensive communication and scheduling solution. It does not have a separate subscription; instead, it is included with the standard HEY subscription, reinforcing HEY's position as a holistic platform for email and calendar management​​.