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Overview: LibreOffice Calc is a versatile and robust spreadsheet application, ideal for everyone from newcomers to professional data miners and number crunchers. The application is celebrated for its intuitive usability and a comprehensive range of advanced features. It provides built-in wizards to guide users through its advanced features and offers a wide selection of templates for various spreadsheet solutions. Features and Functionality: Calc is rich in features, facilitating flexible cell formatting options such as rotating contents, applying backgrounds, borders, and much more. It excels in complex calculations with its vast array of functions, including statistical and banking functions, and supports what-if analysis to view the impact of various factors on your calculations. Database functions allow for efficient data arrangement, storage, and filtering. Dynamic charts in Calc update in real-time as the data changes. The application also provides strong support for collaborative work, allowing multiple users to contribute to a spreadsheet simultaneously. Notably, Calc ensures compatibility with Microsoft Excel, supporting .ods format while also being able to open, save, and export in Excel format for seamless data exchange across different software environments​​​​​​.

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  • LibreOffice Calc is free and open-source.