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Effortless Contact Management and Backup Solution

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My Contacts Backup Pro offers a straightforward and reliable method for backing up and restoring contacts directly from your phone, eliminating the need for a computer or synchronization processes. This app simplifies the backup process by allowing users to export their entire contact list with a single touch, sending it as a .vcf file via email. Restoration is equally simple; users can re-import their contacts by opening the .vcf file in their mail client on devices like iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. This utility stands out for its offline backup capability, ensuring that no server sync is required, thus enhancing data privacy and security.

The app boasts several features aimed at providing a comprehensive contact management solution. Beyond basic backup and restore functions, it facilitates the easy transfer of contacts between iOS devices using just an email client, supports Dropbox for cloud backups, and offers tools for editing contacts directly from a web browser through a Wi-Fi Manager option. Additionally, it includes functionalities for removing identical or duplicate contacts, exporting contacts in multiple formats, setting reminders for regular backups, and more, all without displaying ads.

My Contacts Backup Pro details


  • The app is priced at $1.99 with no additional costs for its features. It does not require a subscription model, making it a one-time purchase for users. The absence of ads and the provision for family sharing, where up to six family members can use this app, add to its appeal for personal and family use.