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Obsidian is a unique, private, and flexible application designed for note-taking and personal knowledge management. It caters to individuals who seek a secure space for their thoughts, offering features that adapt to the user's way of thinking. Obsidian emphasizes user privacy by storing notes locally on the device, ensuring quick access even when offline and keeping data private. With its open, non-proprietary file format, Obsidian ensures long-term data preservation without locking users into a specific platform. The application supports a vast array of plugins and themes, allowing users to customize their digital workspace to fit their personal workflow and cognitive style.

Obsidian has recently released its 1.0 version, marking a significant milestone. This new release introduces a redesigned interface for both desktop and mobile platforms, enhancing usability and accessibility. It also introduces the ability to open notes in tabs, enabling users to explore multiple ideas simultaneously, akin to browsing through one's brain​​​​.

Obsidian details


  • Free for personal use, with optional paid services for commercial use and additional features.