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Right Inbox is a powerful email productivity tool that seamlessly integrates with Gmail to enhance its capabilities. Designed for professionals across various industries, including sales, recruiting, marketing, entrepreneurship, and freelancing, Right Inbox is the go-to extension for over 250,000 users aiming to streamline their email management processes. The tool is celebrated for features like email tracking, scheduling, sequences, reminders, and more, making it a perfect addition for anyone looking to boost their email productivity within Gmail​​​​.

Right Inbox enriches Gmail with functionalities that allow users to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders for important emails, create and manage recurring emails, and utilize email templates for quick responses. Additionally, it offers unique features like private notes for context, multiple signatures for different needs, and smart link previews, among others. The integration is designed to be unobtrusive, providing a smooth experience that feels like a natural extension of Gmail itself​​.

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  • Right Inbox offers a flexible pricing model that includes a free plan with basic features and paid plans starting from $7.95 to $14.95 per month, billed annually. The tool is particularly affordable, considering the breadth of features it provides. Teams can avail of discounts, further reducing the cost per user.