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TimeTrex is an integrated workforce management system designed to streamline business operations by combining employee scheduling, time tracking, payroll processing, and HR management into a single platform. The system offers complete payroll integration, ensuring accurate wage calculations, tax deductions, and compliance with various regulations. It also provides geolocation and geofencing capabilities to monitor employee attendance accurately. With its mobile accessibility, TimeTrex enables real-time workforce management from anywhere, offering features like customizable alerts, notifications, and extensive reporting analytics to enhance business performance.

TimeTrex is committed to security and reliability, with features like data encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with global data protection regulations like GDPR. The platform offers scalable solutions to fit businesses of all sizes and industries, aiming to improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance​​​​.

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  • TimeTrex offers a Community Edition for free and has Professional, Corporate, and Enterprise editions.