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Twobird is a unified productivity platform designed to simplify your daily workflow by consolidating emails, notes, tasks, and reminders into a single, streamlined interface. Developed by Ginger Labs, creators of the renowned Notability app, Twobird aims to reduce the clutter and chaos often associated with managing different forms of communication and tasks. By integrating various functionalities into your email inbox, Twobird enables you to focus on what truly matters, ensuring that important tasks are highlighted and managed effectively within one application.

Twobird stands out by offering features such as low-priority email filtering, smarter notifications, and quick unsubscribe options to reduce inbox clutter. Its unique chatty design promotes efficient and natural conversations, helping you maintain context by allowing you to edit notes directly within email threads and view reminders alongside emails. Twobird supports Gmail and Outlook accounts, ensuring privacy and data protection by not syncing or routing your emails through their servers unnecessarily.

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  • Free to use with plans to introduce premium plans in the future.