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Unroll.me is an innovative tool designed to help you manage your email inbox more effectively. By subscribing to Unroll.me, users gain the ability to quickly unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions, consolidate desired emails into a daily digest, and keep essential emails in their inbox. This service simplifies the process of managing a cluttered mailbox filled with subscription emails, making it easier to maintain a cleaner and more organized inbox. The platform supports major email providers, ensuring a wide range of users can benefit from its services​​​​.

The app version of Unroll.me puts the power of email management right in your pocket, offering features such as a new list view for easier management of subscriptions, bulk unsubscribe options, a revamped rollup for emails you don't want in your inbox but don't wish to unsubscribe from, and the ability to edit subscriptions as needed. Furthermore, Unroll.me can display email previews in rich text, allowing for quicker decisions on subscription emails​​.

Unroll.Me details


  • Unroll.me is a free service, focusing on providing an accessible way for users to manage their email subscriptions without an upfront cost. The service monetizes by utilizing user data to fuel its market research business, NielsenIQ, while offering users control over their data permissions​​.