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Amie is a productivity platform designed to integrate tasks, emails, and calendars into one seamless interface, promoting joyful productivity. This app allows users to manage their to-dos alongside their calendar events, providing a unified space for personal and professional organization. Amie supports drag-and-drop scheduling and integrates with various third-party services like Notion, Linear, Things, Todoist, and Ticktick, enhancing its utility for a broad user base.

The application is recognized for its user-friendly design, featuring natural language processing for scheduling, multiple account management, and Pomodoro technique integration for balanced work sessions. Amie also offers unique features like widgets for quick information access and time zone support for global users. This platform is particularly notable for its innovative approach to integrating email directly within the calendar, allowing users to convert emails into tasks or calendar events easily.

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  • Amie provides a flexible pricing structure that caters to various user needs, including a Basic plan that is free of charge, a Pro plan for power users, and an Enterprise option for companies seeking customized solutions.