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Anytype is designed as a comprehensive app fostering trust and autonomy for its users. It emphasizes local-first operations with rapid loading times and peer-to-peer secure and decentralized synchronization. The platform is open source, promoting verifiable autonomy and security for all users. It allows for the creation and management of a variety of content such as daily journals, strategic writings, knowledge bases, and more, with upcoming features including a team wiki and shareable documents planned for future releases.

Anytype stands out by ensuring full data sovereignty for users, utilizing end-to-end encryption and local storage. It operates under the belief that users should have the freedom to decide how their data is used and shared, not corporations or governments. This approach aims to provide an alternative digital space respecting fundamental digital freedoms.

Anytype details


  • Anytype offers a free usage model, especially if you self-host your data. There are additional services available that may come with costs, particularly regarding data backup beyond a certain limit. However, as of the latest information, Anytype remains free to use up to 1GB of storage, especially for those utilizing the backup services​​​​​​.