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Boomerang for Gmail introduces a comprehensive suite of tools aimed at enhancing your email productivity directly within Gmail. This powerful extension allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time, ensuring your messages are delivered exactly when they need to be. With features like email reminders, follow-up prompts for unresponded emails, and the ability to temporarily remove messages from your inbox and resurface them when needed, Boomerang helps keep your email communication on track and your inbox clutter-free. Additionally, its Respondable feature uses artificial intelligence to help you compose more effective emails, increasing the likelihood of receiving a response​​.

Boomerang extends its functionality to meeting scheduling with options like "Suggest Times" and "Share Free/Busy," enabling you to schedule meetings directly from your email without the back-and-forth usually required to find a mutually convenient time. These features leverage Boomerang's Magic Live Calendar, which automatically updates your availability in real-time, even after the email is sent, thus reducing the chances of double booking​​.

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  • Boomerang for Gmail offers a variety of plans, starting with a free Basic plan that provides limited message credits per month. Each plan tier offers an increasing range of features, including unlimited message credits, advanced email tracking, meeting scheduling, and more​​.