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Eventbrite is a prominent global platform providing self-service ticketing for a myriad of live experiences. It empowers creators and enthusiasts alike to effortlessly create, share, discover, and partake in events that fuel passions and enrich lives. With a diverse range encompassing music festivals, marathons, conferences, community rallies, fundraisers, and even unique competitions, Eventbrite is dedicated to assembling the world through the magic of live experiences. In 2022 alone, it hosted 5 million events across nearly 180 countries, uniting creators and attendees in a shared celebration of community and passion​​.

Eventbrite's robust platform not only facilitates the creation and promotion of events but also provides comprehensive tools for managing and attending them. Users can sell tickets online with transparent pricing models, manage event details, and engage with attendees effectively. The platform's commitment to accessibility and ease of use is reflected in its wide-reaching event management features and seamless integration with various apps and services​​.

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  • Eventbrite operates on a no upfront cost model for ticket selling, charging a percentage and a fixed fee per ticket sold.