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Microsoft Loop is a collaborative platform designed to enhance team productivity and creativity by integrating various tools and content across Microsoft 365 applications. It features three core elements: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces. Loop components are portable pieces of content, such as lists, tables, or notes, that stay in sync across applications like Teams, Outlook, Word, and Whiteboard. These components allow users to collaborate seamlessly within their preferred apps.

Loop pages provide flexible canvases where teams can organize content, links, tasks, and data, adapting as projects evolve. These pages can be shared and edited across different Microsoft 365 applications. Loop workspaces serve as shared environments where team members can group everything related to their projects, facilitating easy tracking of progress and collaboration.

The platform includes Microsoft Copilot, which leverages AI to assist with content creation, summarization, and project management, ensuring that teams stay informed and focused on their objectives.

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  • Available as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions