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MindNode excels in making brainstorming visually appealing and productive. The application offers a suite of features designed to accommodate various needs, from capturing fleeting thoughts to structuring complex ideas. Key features include:

Tasks: Transform your nodes into tasks, syncing with Apple Reminders or exporting to other apps. Outlining: Organize your thoughts in a structured and linear manner, alongside or separate from your mind map. Quick Entry: A readily available feature to capture your thoughts the moment they occur. Stickers & Themes: Customize your mind map with over 250+ stickers and a variety of themes, ensuring your map is as unique as your ideas. Visual Tags & Focus Mode: Add context to your thoughts with visual tags and zero in on specific parts of your map with the focus mode, ensuring clarity even in complex maps​​. MindNode is available on macOS and iOS platforms. The application offers a Free Editor version and a MindNode Plus subscription, providing enhanced features like advanced export options, various integrations, and comprehensive customization capabilities​​.

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  • MindNode offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions, each with a free 14-day trial.