Workflow automation for technical people.

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n8n.io is an extendable, fair-code licensed workflow automation tool that caters to technical users while maintaining ease of use through a low-code platform. This unique tool integrates seamlessly across various services, enabling users to automate tasks effectively. The platform supports both code and no-code operations, allowing for intricate data manipulations and basic task automations. n8n is highly versatile, offering over 350 native integrations and allowing users to build custom scenarios rapidly, conduct bulk operations, and manage different environments securely. It's particularly beneficial for optimizing engineering resources, managing leads, customizing CRMs, and facilitating efficient SaaS backend prototyping.

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  • n8n offers a pricing model that includes a free version with limited executions and several paid plans that provide more workflow executions, active workflows, and additional features like execution search and global variables. The pricing tiers include Starter, Pro, and Enterprise, catering to various needs from personal projects to large-scale enterprise requirements.