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PLANBELLA is a modern minimalist calendar app designed to blend the functionality of a bullet journal with the convenience of digital planning. This app serves as an all-in-one planner, allowing users to organize events, tasks, and notes in a beautifully designed interface that keeps your agenda looking appealing and never cluttered. The app boasts a clean screen design, incorporating bullet journal styles for daily logs of events, tasks, and notes, a straightforward calendar view, and a journal view for an elegant timeline overview​​.

Created by Jana, a planner addict with a vision for an app that harmonizes beautiful stationery design with minimalist digital planning, PLANBELLA was brought to life with the help of her software developer husband. The app embodies Jana's passion for aesthetics and practical organization, offering users a sleek solution to manage their appointments, tasks, and notes effortlessly​.

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  • $8.99 for apple with additional in-app purchases for widgets