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Proton Calendar is a component of the Proton suite of privacy-focused services, emphasizing end-to-end encryption to protect your schedule and appointments from unauthorized access. By incorporating robust encryption technologies, Proton Calendar ensures that your data remains private, accessible only to you and those you choose to share it with. This aligns with Proton's mission to provide secure, privacy-first internet services, allowing users to take control of their personal data across emails, VPN, cloud storage, and calendar management.

Proton Calendar details


  • Proton offers a free tier that includes up to 3 personal calendars, end-to-end encryption, and calendar sharing. For users requiring more advanced features, the Proton Unlimited plan at €9.99/month provides a comprehensive package across Proton services, including 500 GB total storage and priority support. The service upholds a privacy-first policy, ensuring your data remains secure under Swiss privacy laws, with no ads or data selling practices.