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Scrivener is a comprehensive writing tool designed for authors, academics, screenwriters, and anyone involved in the writing profession. At its core, Scrivener provides an integrated environment to write, research, and organize material in a way that is both intuitive and powerful. Unlike traditional word processors, Scrivener is tailored for long writing projects, offering features that allow users to compose text in any order, manage research materials side by side with their writing, and structure complex documents with ease.

The application supports a variety of content types, including text, images, PDFs, and multimedia, making it a versatile workspace for writers. Its unique "Scrivenings" mode, corkboard, and outliner views offer different perspectives on your work, enabling detailed planning and reorganization of your manuscript. Whether you're drafting a novel, preparing an academic thesis, or writing a screenplay, Scrivener's blend of writing and management tools aims to facilitate a smoother creative process.

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  • The pricing model includes a free trial with the full version accessible post-purchase. The trial lasts for 30 days of use.