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Tody is a highly efficient to-do list app designed to streamline and motivate household cleaning routines. It allows users to manage their cleaning tasks by need rather than arbitrary dates, making home maintenance more flexible and personalized. The app divides tasks into basic, special, and custom categories for each room, visualizing cleanliness levels to encourage users to keep their spaces tidy. It provides clear indicators of what needs to be done, helping users avoid feeling overwhelmed by breaking tasks into manageable segments.

For those who often procrastinate, Tody offers a visual representation of tasks that can help maintain focus and discipline. By organizing tasks by actual need, it ensures that cleaning is done efficiently and effectively, enhancing user satisfaction through visual progress tracking. This method aims to alleviate the stress associated with cleaning by turning it into a structured and manageable routine.

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  • Tody operates on a freemium model with several premium options: Premium Solo, Premium Duo, Premium Family, and Premium Team