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Zapier enables users to connect and automate over 6,000 web apps, streamlining processes and workflows without the need for coding skills. It operates on the principle of "Zaps," which are automated workflows that connect apps and services. Each Zap consists of a trigger (an event in one app) and one or more actions (resulting activities in other apps). For instance, a new email in Gmail (trigger) can automatically save attachments to Dropbox (action).

The platform offers a range of products, including Interfaces for designing forms and web pages, Zaps for creating automated workflows, and Tables for managing data. Aimed at improving efficiency, Zapier is trusted by over 2.2 million companies worldwide, offering solutions for various use cases like lead management, sales, marketing, customer support, and data management. Its user-friendly interface and flexible plans make it suitable for individuals, startups, and enterprises alike.

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  • Zapier offers several pricing tiers, starting with a free plan for basic automation needs.