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BusyCal is celebrated as a highly powerful, flexible, and customizable calendar app designed for macOS and iOS users who seek to streamline their scheduling, task management, and more. It offers a rich set of features including natural language input, smart filters, integrated tasks and to-do lists, travel time management, weather forecasts, and moon phases, making it a comprehensive tool for personal and professional time management. BusyCal supports a wide range of syncing options with popular services like iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and others, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflow.

The app distinguishes itself with customizable views, allowing users to tailor the calendar's appearance to their preferences. Tasks in BusyCal are deeply integrated, showing up on the calendar on their due dates and carrying forward until completed. For macOS users, BusyCal provides a unique menu bar app for quick access to your schedule and the ability to create events and tasks even when the main app isn't running. Additionally, BusyCal includes a redesigned info panel for quick editing, smart filters for managing what's visible at any time, and the capability to block out travel time to appointments.

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